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    At Securteam we believe that employees of an organisation are its greatest asset and fundamental to its success.

    We believe in suitable recruitment, extensive training and ongoing coaching. The main purpose of this culture is to develop competent, specialised employees and qualified professionals, whose role is to make society safer.

    All training practices and procedures support individual employees to strive to achieve these goals. In this way training is an investment in the performance of individuals and the organisation.


    In order to ensure that training activities provide the Company with what it needs, a planned approach have been taken; this is a detailed plan, in both the long and short term, of what the training is designed to achieve over a given period of time. The plan is reconcile each individuals training needs with the resources available for training. It also details the benefits, which are derived from the training and the ways in which its success is evaluated.


    Each training event is designed to achieve a specific purpose, which is stated as a set of training objectives. If a training objective is written specifically it helps the training achieve its purpose. It includes a clear description of the knowledge, skills and abilities, which the training is designed to communicate, and the standard of the performance required which verifies their acquisition.

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