• Screening & Vetting Procedures

    In line with the British Standards of screening and vetting (BS7858) 2006 and BS7499:2007 we undergo the following checks:

    • We check the individual's credit history by undertaking a financial credit check.
    • Identity documents bare seen in original format and must include a photo driving licence (if British) or passport. These documents are checked under a UV light to ensure their authenticity.
    • We check their current address with a recent (no older than three months) utility bill, bank statement or similar.
    • We undergo a history check which, as a minimum, covers their previous 5 or 10 years history.
    • We check the individual's immigration status and right to work if they are not UK residents.
    • All officers are required to undergo and complete a minimum training programme and must obtain the requisite Security Industry Authority (SIA) Licence.

    All our staff undergo a comprehensive screening process: