• Banking

    Securteam works in partnership with Third Eye, a company specializing in security solutions for the banking industry. We provide banks and financial institutions with a complete service for their security requirements, starting with consultation and risk analysis and extending to the management and implementation of large-scale bank security projects.

    The Executive Management identified a lack of companies dedicated purely to the security needs of the banking industry, who can provide a unified and all-inclusive solution. At the same time, new and changing security requirements have been rising rapidly, following mergers and acquisitions around the globe, rapid expansion of western banks into emerging markets, especially in Eastern Europe and the Far East, and the rise in the use of electronic banking solutions such as ATM's and e-Banking.

    The combined teams are made of professionals having special expertise in banking security and a deep knowledge of the financial and business issues of the banking sector, including industry demands and regulatory compliance requirements.

    Our Specialist team gives banks and financial institutions a comprehensive security service from consultancy to implementation. The company excels in the implementation of cost effective solutions using the bank's existing IP infrastructure to handle the communications of the CCTVs, intruder alarm systems, access control and fire detection systems. We build tailor-made procedures and controls to help the bank's security officer coordinate activity with local police and fire departments. All of our systems and components come from leading manufacturers and conform to the highest standards of performance and reliability. We will also continue to provide support and maintenance long after the solution goes operative.

    This combination of expertise in the banking industry and its security requirements places Securteam/Third Eye in the position to assist banking organizations with all their security needs.

    For more information, please call us on 020 8457 2920 or email us: securteam@securteam.co.uk