• Retail/Shopping Centres - Retail Jewellery Protection

    Retail/Shopping Centres

    The staff employed to protect your store and its staff must also be able to act as your ambassadors by enhancing the retail experience for shoppers, therefore attracting new visitors.

    All our retail officers are equipped and experienced in confronting and restraining thieves and liaising with and assisting police activity and enquiries.

    As well as being placed to deter shop lifters, our officers can be placed at goods delivery points and warehouses to prevent theft from intruders and also staff.

    All our staff are provided with uniforms for this position but plain clothed officers can also be placed where requested.

    All staff have been provided with health and safety training and comply with our own health and safety policy as well as our clients.

    All staff are SIA licensed with CRB check.


    Retail Jewellery Protection

    Securteam specialised in the very distinctive field of providing security services to retail jewellers.

    Understanding the requirements and the considerably higher threat is a key factor for delivering a high standard successful operation. Our deployed operatives are of the highest standards and on top of the standard SIA license, CRB and checks we will have 10 years background history check and further professional and personal references. Furthermore, we will have further industry tailored staff training and seminars to ensure a cohesive approach.

    In order to achieve our high standards we must apply a team approach with continuous communication between the team members, inelegance sources and management and most important our clients. This method of work allow us make the necessary adjustment where necessary. Our dedicated security team is available 7 days a week 365 days a year.

    Our staff understands the need of discretion while being visible and professional thus their appearance is smart, welcoming and professional and their manner is friendly and polite.

    We supply security teams or individual officers to work on the retail premises.

    We can move stock or promotional items anywhere in Europe securely or accompany a courier.

    We will help retailers develop security procedures and introduce protective measures according to their requirements.

    For more information, please call us on 020 8457 2920 or email us: securteam@securteam.co.uk